Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Best Cloud Storage Options for Mobile Users

The services and apps that make the smartphones function have unquestionably transformed while even a precise transformation in Smartphone has not been seen in a span of 2-3 years.
The apps and services are more brilliant, more moderate, and all the more transparently accessible to a more extensive exhibit of gadgets and operating systems (OS). Most particularly, cloud storage is accessible in plenitude. It used to be generally costly, couple of years back, comparing the support of mobile app was inadequate, and there were just a couple services to browse.

Presently, however, the competition in the space has been raised ten times from its level of yesteryear. According to viewpoint of the consumers, the space is getting swarmed, compelling the individuals who were at that point around to get imaginative, focused, and offer a superior solutions than the rivals.

A massive slip in the prices of cloud storage have been noticed. The concerns of privacy and security have compiled many services to implement variant kinds of encryption in order to take security measures. Some companies have the supplementary features to enhance the deal.
Here are some of the best cloud storage options, for different types of users. Check which are best suitable to you:

1. Dropbox:  It has the longest track record in the space, with around 220 mn users. Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage and Document management system options. Dropbox is duly encrypted all its data from the servers and the one sent to it. Only the files are not encrypted which are present in the Dropbox server’s account.

Why  Dropbox?

A. 2GB of storage comes all for free. Thankfully, it comes with no boundations on the file size limits. Only if you’re uploading through web client, the file size limit would be 300MB.

B. If you require to opt for multiple users, you can certainly go for the business account with at least 5 accounts of 5TB storage, just for $15/month/user. If not, you can also sign up for 1TB for $9.99/month.

C. You, as a user are enabled to restore files after/up to 30 days of deletion. The users would also get 30-day version history.

D. Pro users additionally gets advanced features like passwords for shared files and expiry dates for the same.  Also features like remote wipe, higher sharing bandwidth, etc.

2. DocUp.in: DocUp is a cloud storage system which helps Document Management System. It helps in managing and storing the documents. The user gets the ability to access their stored documents on any gadgets from anywhere, anytime. With this you can easily go paperless. However organized you are, reports have a propensity of getting lost now and again, especially when you require them the most.  The amount of licenses, returns, bills, rise up when your business develops. DocUp deals with storing and managing your documents easily.

Why you should go for DocUp?

● As mentioned before, it helps you organizing and managing your documents effortlessly;
● Accessible on any gadget i.e. web and mobile. Implies access at whatever time, Anywhere.
● Speedy inquiry makes all right reports are accessible in no times.
● Files and documents are managed in a simplest way.
● See prompt enhancements in your day by day efficiency and create significant savings.

   3. Google Drive: Google Drive is one, vast majority have and (likely) don't actually know about. Each Gmail account made has 15GB of Google Drive storage consequently. This is utilized for storing and managing documents, Google+ pictures, etc.

Why Google Drive?

●  If 15GB isn't sufficient, you can include 100GB for just $1.99 every month.
●  You can also add up 1TB will cost you $9.99 every month. This is though bit expensive, but that is the place the option of Microsoft's storage ends.
●  You can move up to the storage plan of 30TB. So which storage system do you plan to choose?

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