Thursday, 29 September 2016

Four security threats that can harm your cloud storage system

As a consumer, we always see the beauty of a product first, that is, what benefits it has and how will it be useful to us. With the number of work growing daily, workers have to deal with a large chunk of files too therefore, they opt for a cloud storage. Cloud storages have several powerful benefits like a bigger storage space, security and easy accessibility. But you need to be careful about the fact that certain people malpractice the functions of cloud and question its features.

The cloud storage being an important storage though provides an authentication code and makes the files safe unless misused. A cloud is an efficient system that provides storage, collaboration, productivity, etc. If you don’t carefully plan or protect data, it would be easy for the cloud to compromise on your data storage.
So, businesses can take protective measures accordingly if they are aware of the four security threats from inside the organization to their document management system.
  • Lack of Knowledge:- The best way to ensure protection for your cloud is by being well-versed with the functions and protocols. By conducting proper research and gathering information, companies can find out which are the best cloud storage service providers and what are the best practices to protect files. Proper information will teach them proper defense mechanisms from security threats.
  • User complacency:- There are times when organizations aren’t willing to accept new trends in the system functioning and they’re satisfied with the current trends. This complacency can land them into troubles in several areas such as HR, business, management, finance, etc. Improper security can damage the business’s revenue and performance leading to a proper reputation. By ignoring the amendments,
business can put their work at risk. To stay fully secure, you must adapt to the new measures in order to grow.
  • Careless data transfers:- Just because your files may be protected in an online storage system doesn’t mean they are absolutely secure. You have to be careful while storing data and keep in mind the measures for security. You can set the accessibility by default for particular users depending on the importance of documents. What if an unauthorized person accesses the documents and taints the documents? It might spread through the entire system as it is shared with the entire premise. Users will have to be very careful before sharing documents and ask themselves whether:
  • The receiver’s network is safe
  • Will the documents remain safe?
  • Is the receiver trustworthy in terms of storing my documents?
Business should conduct audits and scan files to determine the safety of external recipient’s networks.
  • Unprotected devices:- In a cloud storage system, companies can control the accessibility of documents to its users but these privacy settings don’t assure the security of device that they’re using. Because of the compatibility offered by cloud storages, workers can access their system on personal devices. If these devices contain tainted content, it could get transferred to the cloud network used by other employees. Companies should set certain guidelines to use the stored files and only then can they control this threat.

Although your document management system or cloud storage service has many advantages and lessens the hassles while document management, it could give you a bad experience if you don’t implement proper security measures. You might enjoy your experience without not going through the protocols completely but safety should always be your priority. There are several cloud options that companies can implement. A cloud collaborative solution is necessary for companies. Although, cloud storages are not 100 percent protected or secure, yet you can take actions to recover damages and take recovery actions only if you know what cloud storage you are opting for and how it functions.

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