Thursday, 15 September 2016

Why should EHS sectors have online cloud storage for documents

Paper documents in an office environment are easily accessible and can be kept safely in a storage room, but they become very difficult to manage when the employees are working through remote areas. Therefore, nowadays a cloud document management system is more reliable than a paper document system as it can be accessed anywhere and anytime when required. All this is possible mainly because of technology. With regards to management of sectors like Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS); safety regulations, requirements for incident reporting, hazard management protocols must be made available to the employees as a part of an effective EHS management system.

Let’s discuss some reasons as to why it is important to have a cloud document management system for proper Environment, Health and Safety management in today’s office environment.

Fast and easy access to documents-
Most of the offices have safety and health tips banners on the walls all over the workplace. These banners have all the essential tips that workers need to know. The banners are written and placed variably according to the workplaces. Essentially, these are very helpful for office workers as they get updated about their personal safety. But what about those workers who work on the field and don’t have a specific time or location where they work on a daily basis?

Would you get access to these banners and safety tips? No! Probably not. Allowing an easy access to these remote workers is essential in such cases then. In fact, in many cases, it is a law to have a cloud document management where the workers both working in offices and working remotely access these banners. So having an online file management that can be accessed by all employees prepares them whenever they need to refer to the safety guidelines.

Saves money and time-
This type of management will reduce your dependence on paperwork and paper-related processes. EHS managers will not have to take printouts and photocopies whenever they go for remote work. And also, it will save paper and costs incurred on paper. It takes a lot of time to get large documents printed, so it will save your time too. Advanced technology for document management can be accessible anytime and used from anywhere considering you should have an internet connection. Also, if there are any changes to be made, it is possible and all the changes will be made and saved automatically. This feature mainly saves the printing costs, reprinting manuals and protocols if any changes are made and they need to be revised.

Protection of important files-

In paper documents, there are chances of errors taking place. Having a cloud storage can help preventing these errors as changes can be made immediately without even affecting the current piece of work. In an online document management, features like ‘Don’t-save’ or ‘read-only’ feature can help avoid these errors for EHS managers. Cloud storages also protect the files from being accessed by any person either from internal or external groups. These managers can also have a communication through these storages and anytime a change is made or anything new is added, people can view the history of documents as to who viewed it and on what time. So even if your documents get hacked, you can track who accessed it.

Those involved in EHS management understand that no matter what management, the ultimate goal is to monitor the procedures and plans. With a cloud document management, these managers can achieve a safe and secure way to manage documents along with reducing time and money incurred in getting the large documents printed. And most importantly, these storages can help have a smoother communication in the firm amongst all the workers, from CEO to the interns.

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